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Special Servicing Offer

Hey You! Yeah You!

Want discounted vehicle servicing
for the entire time you own it?

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Your service is NOT our profit center!

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Ask your local dealer to Match This Offer!
No Diagnostic Fee!

normally at least $100 EACH VISIT

That's Right!

We don't charge to tell you whats wrong

Only $39/hr. labor cost and no markup on parts

other dealerships charge $100+/hr

Car Smart is where you can buy a Smart, Affordable car and get Smart, Affordable service for as long as you own it!

The benefits of buying from Car Smart don't stop when you roll off the lot!
Car Smart

$39 labor rate applies to vehicles purchased from Oxford and Partners DBA Car Smart. “No Mark-Up on Parts”, implies that Car Smart will not generate profit from the sale of new parts that are being used to repair applicable vehicles. This offer only applies to service and repair work done to vehicles purchased from Car Smart by the original owner and must be serviced at Car Smart Service in Wausau Wisconsin. Some limitations apply, Car Smart reserves the right to deny service based on schedule and serviceability. Serviceability applies to Car Smart’s inability to repair a specific vehicle based on lack of specialty tools or knowledge. $39.00 labor rate does not include taxes or fluids. New parts are defined, new from manufacturers not previously installed. This rate only applies to customer pay repairs and will not apply to repairs paid by an extended service contract or third party. Standard labor rate applies when paid by a third party or extended service agreement. We do not warranty used parts installed and new parts will be subject to warranty from the manufacturer. Car Smart does not give any written or implied warranty for used parts.